Whether you’re having a tough work day, experiencing miserable weather, or feeling a little down, there is one thing that will reliably put a smile on anyone’s face, even if it’s just for a few fleeting joyful seconds. Pull out your phone, open Instagram, and fawn over cute animals. After all, cute animal videos have been proven to help us be happier. These seven vegan accounts never fail to turn that frown upside down.  

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1. Rotini and Pippa
Affectionately named after the corkscrew-shaped pasta, this two-year-old rescued mini pig is living his best life in Los Angeles, CA. Given his abounding energy and handsome looks, he loves the spotlight and would crush it in Hollywood. Rotini also has a little sister, Pippa, a small rescue Chihuahua who came all the way from Mexico to find her forever home. The two of them will make your heart melt and leave you seriously contemplating pig adoption. Follow Rotini and Pippa @myveganpig.

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2. Parker
Guess what? Corgi butt. For some reason, these adorable dogs have the cutest tushes, and Parker the Vegan Corgi flaunts his on the regular. Follow his corgi shenanigans @parkerthevegancorgi. 

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3. Nalu and Zeus
The French and the English live under one woof in this household. The photos of Nalu (a French bulldog) and Zeus (an English bulldog) are comically adorable as they nap side-by-side. Zeus is getting up there in years, but Nalu loves a good photo op. Follow the pair @nalutheveganfrenchie. 

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4. Luna, Atlantis, and Nimbus
These floppy-eared, cage-free home bunnies are full of personality. Give their account a quick scroll @sirius_the_bunny for adorable carrot-nibbling videos, fuzzy-faced selfies, and giggle-inducing close-ups of little bunny noses. 

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5. Esther the Wonder Pig
There’s no surprise Esther has more followers than most Instagram users could dream of. Her personality is loud and infectious, and her dads add new content to her page on the daily. Follow her latest fashions and activist ventures @estherthewonderpig. 

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6. Sammantha Margaret
Sammantha is a human, but her account features gorgeous and heart-warming photographs of rescued farm animals. If piglets, affectionate cows, and gregarious goats give you the warm fuzzies, this account is one to follow. Get your daily dose of “aww” @sfisherx. 

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7. BeFreegle Foundation
Not many people realize that lab research is still routinely performed on beagles. Historically, these “research dogs” are euthanized if they reach the test’s completion, but the BeFreegle Foundation is making it possible for these animals to have a future. The nonprofit posts the sweetest photos of both beagles for adoption and ones who have found their fur-ever homes. One look, and you’ll instantly become a beagle person. Follow the pups @befreegle_foundation. 

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

Image credit: @myveganpig

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