Soccer Captain Bets on Veganism for Career Longevity

32-year-old Charlie Mulgrew, captain of English soccer team Blackburn Rovers, believes his newly adopted plant-based diet will help him play professionally until the age of 40.


In a recent interview with Press Association Sport, Charlie Mulgrew—the 32-year-old captain of English soccer team Blackburn Rovers—revealed that he believes a plant-based diet will help him play soccer professionally for another eight years. Mulgrew adopted a plant-based diet last year after watching an unspecified documentary on Netflix. “It is difficult at first to make different types of meals; you are used to meat and vegetables and potatoes and pasta or whatever,” Mulgrew said. “I needed to get used to cooking all different things, replacing meat with veg, but once you get into it there is really nice stuff you can eat.” Mulgrew admitted that adopting a plant-based diet seemed “impossible” for him three years ago but he is now thriving sans animal products. “I did a bit of research and [veganism] is getting bigger and bigger and it is going to be massive soon,” Mulgrew said. The soccer star joins a growing list of professional athletes who attribute their career longevity to consuming a plant-based diet, including Canadian rugby star Nick Blevins who recently launched plant-based cheese company Beetroot to share with others the health benefits he has experienced from eschewing animal products.

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