Vegan Teen Walks 1,000 Miles from England to Scotland

Subsisting solely on gas-station vegan food, England resident Jack Mackey walks 500 miles (and is currently walking 500 more) as a tribute to the famed Proclaimers song and to help raise funds for rescued goats.


Vegan teen Jack Mackey, 19, recently embarked on an epic 1,000-mile round-trip walk from his home in St. Albans, England to Aberdeen, Scotland, where he will attend the University of Aberdeen in September. After completing the first 500 miles, Mackey explained to local media outlet The Tab that he did not prepare in any way for the impromptu journey. “All I know is that owing to the fact that I was chronically underprepared for the magnitude of the task,” Mackey said, “it’s been an experience I won’t forget in a hurry.” The vegan teen revealed that his staples have included peanut butter, smoothies, and bread, that he sourced from gas stations along the route. Mackey explained that his motivation for the mission, aside from the song “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” by Scottish band Proclaimers, is to raise funds to support an unnamed local goat-rescue organization. “I’ll be attempting to raise money for a charity that rescues abandoned, abused and neglected goats, providing them with a good life and a home,” Mackey stated on his crowdfunding page. “Whilst humans are invariably complicated and sporadically miserable, it doesn’t take much to make a goat happy.”