Vegan Ultra Athlete Sets Ninja Warrior Record

Free-runner Tim Shieff finished the Ninja Warrior UK obstacle course in less than one minute to achieve the fastest time ever set on the competition show.


Vegan athlete Tim Shieff recently set a new record on fitness competition show Ninja Warrior UK. The English-born free-runner completed the show’s challenging course—a series of endurance, coordination, and strength obstacles set over pools of water—in a record time of 55 seconds. “A vegan diet is very important to me and my training, and it has got me this far in this series of the program,” Shieff told local media outlet Derby Times. The 30-year-old athlete—who often scales buildings without supports—won the Ninja Warrior UK competition in 2015. “I’m feeling fitter than ever, so let’s see if I can go all the way and win it again,” Shieff said. “I’m feeling confident that I can.”