Vegan Wrestler Crowned Impact Grand Champion

Former WWE wrestler Austin Aries finds new success as Impact Wrestling champion.


Vegan professional wrestler Austin Aries secured the Impact Grand Champion title during a Champion vs. Champion match last week against Matt Sydal. Aries departed from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) last year and joined Impact Wrestling, where he won the wrestling company’s Impact World Championship in February. “From a longevity standpoint, my plant-based lifestyle has aided in my athletic performance,” Aries told VegNews. “After 17 years, I can still compete at a high level and continue to win and thrive in my profession.” Aries first entered competitive wrestling under the persona “The Truth” and is embracing the character again to inspire others to seek the truth, particularly within the deceptive food industry. “Society tells you one thing, and that doesn’t mean it is the only thing,” Aries said. “Asking questions, educating yourself, and empowering your decisions with solid facts is important to me.” Aries is currently appearing in various matches during the annual Wrestlecon event in New Orleans and debuted his book Food Fight: My Plant-Powered Journey from the Bingo Halls to the Big Time last year.