More often than ever before, working professionals are paving their own unique career paths. In lieu of filling an open position, many are breaking free of the traditional hiring structure by creating roles adapted to their individualized set of skills and passions. In the vegan world, these people include nonprofit founders, content creators, and specialized consultants—essentially forming their vegan dream job. At VegNews, we love what we do, but sometimes we enjoy fantasizing about what we would do if we didn’t have the wonderful opportunity of working here. Here are the VegNews editors’ top vegan dream jobs. 

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1. Vegan Flavor Guru at Ben & Jerry’s
This position actually exists, and it’s one that makes VegNews Digital Editor Tanya Flink wish she had gone into food science instead of communications. The vegan flavor gurus at the Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Burlington, VT are responsible for developing every single component of the company’s ever-expanding non-dairy line—right down to the edible cookie dough. It involves both creativity and experimentation, and of course, plenty of taste testing. To write “invented Non-Dairy Netflix & Chill’d flavor” on a resume would be a true source of pride. 

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2. Animal Greeter at farm animal sanctuaries
While human guests are always greeted at farm animal rescues, VegNews Senior Online Features Editor Jasmin Singer believes the animals should receive a friendly welcome as well. Her dream role would entail greeting every new animal resident with a warm smile and a cuddle, and she would diligently travel from sanctuary to sanctuary to ensure every animal was received with loving, open arms. 

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3. KVD Beauty Eyeliner Model
Another potential fit for Singer would be the go-to KVD Beauty eyeliner model for print and product photos. Known for her always-defined lids, Singer has mastered the art of the sultry liner-lined look. 

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4. Mayim Bialik’s nanny
Between her acting roles and vegan cookbook career, we’re sure Bialik needs some help with her two sons and homelife. While one is a teenager and the other is approaching 13, we would be more than happy to chauffeur them around to various activities, nag at them to do their homework, and make vegan meals for the entire family. We’ll even clean out her cat’s litter box! 

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5. Tabitha Brown’s personal assistant
This vegan actress and influencer is on fire lately. She hit one million subscribers on TikTok in under a month, signed with one of Hollywood’s top agencies, and acts as a Whole Foods vegan spokesperson after popularizing the grocer’s TTLA sandwich. VegNews Senior News Editor Anna Starostinetskaya dreams of supporting Brown with her ever-growing social media accounts, testing recipes with her inside her home kitchen, and managing her packed calendar with vegan-promoting interviews and product partnerships. 

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6. Beyond Meat Wienermobile Driver
Like it or not, we all recognize the giant Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. At VegNews, we strongly believe there should be a vegan equivalent, and we want to sit in the driver’s seat. We’d drive that sausage-shaped automobile straight into the heart of the country and hand out free Beyond Sausages to those who have yet to gain access to plant-based products. On the long drive between towns, we’d come up with a catchy jingle—even catchier than Oscar Meyer’s. 

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7. Vegan Wine Taster at Wonderful Wine Co.
VegNews Assistant Editor Aruka Sanchir has a sophisticated palate, making her the ideal candidate for this invented position at Winc’s new vegan natural wine line, Wonderful Wine Co. In addition to tasting the wines, she would be responsible for creating daily wine tasting videos to promote the product and educate the masses about fine vegan natural wine. One of the many perks of this dream job includes taking home any bottles that do not pass the company’s strict natural wine inspection. 

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8. Alex Morgan’s personal trainer
We know Morgan gets plenty of exercise at team practices, but elite athletes are sure to put in some extra workouts to gain a competitive edge. After giving birth to her first child—Charlie Elena Carrasco—on May 9 of this year, Morgan will surely employ a trainer to get her back into World Cup shape, and I (a certified personal trainer) will be waiting with an exercise plan in hand. In addition to a comfortable hourly rate, the work would include premier seating tickets to all of Morgan’s games as an additional means of compensation. 

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and runner living in Orange County, CA.

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