Anthony Bourdain Says Plant Foods Help End World Hunger

Anthony Bourdain Says Plant Foods Help End World Hunger

The chef is critical of the Impossible Burger—which he has not sampled—but understands the world-changing effects of replacing animal foods with plant-based protein.


In a recent interview with media outlet Eater, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain explained the importance of plant-based foods in feeding a growing world population. Bourdain, a widely known critic of the vegan lifestyle, discussed his position on the Impossible Burger—which he has yet to sample—stating that he is doubtful that the plant-based patty will replace the “musculature” and “funk” of animal meat before revealing that he understands the broader significance of the global plant-based industry. “Look, there are a lot of hungry people in the world,” Bourdain said. “I guess if it is a means of providing must-needed protein to people who need protein to live, I guess I’m all for it.” Fellow celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who has publicly mocked vegans for more than a decade, announced last week that he was “going to give this vegan thing a try” and debuted a plant-based pizza at his new London-based restaurant Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza.

Photo courtesy of Maclean’s

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