Bentley Designer Predicts Animal-Free Future for Cars

Automotive designer Stefan Sielaff believes that making luxury car interiors from 15 animal hides will become obsolete, as modern customers are looking for vehicles that align with their cruelty-free values.


During a recent interview with media outlet Robb Report, Stefan Sielaff, design director for luxury-vehicle brand Bentley, expressed that the use of animal hides for car interiors is going out of style. “Maybe you eat everything organic, sustainable, vegan, animal-free—and yet we’re using 15 hides of leather for our cars,” Sielaff said. “This is obviously the extreme, and things change bit by bit, but some people will want a car that better aligns with their belief system.” Bentley announced its intent to develop a vegan-interior option in 2016 and has since researched the use of mushroom-based leather. Several automotive brands—such as Tesla, Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz—currently offer a non-leather option to meet customer demand for cruelty-free cars.

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