Casey Neistat: Impossible Slider Is “Beefier Than Beef”

During a taste-test in Brooklyn, the respected YouTube personality said the animal-based cheeseburger at White Castle tasted “like mush,” while the new plant-based Impossible Slider tasted “like meat.”


One of YouTube’s most influential personalities, filmmaker Casey Neistat, recently compared White Castle’s cheeseburger to its newly launched plant-based Impossible Slider in a video taste test. Neistat revealed to his more than 9.3 million YouTube subscribers that he enjoyed the plant-based patty more than the cheeseburger, explaining that the latter had nothing “distinguishably beefy about it” and that it tasted “more like mush.” As for the Impossible Slider, Neistat said that it looked better, was heavier, and smelled “beefier than beef.” White Castle launched the Impossible Slider this month, becoming the largest fast-food chain to offer the plant-based burger. A number of celebrities share Neistat’s sentiment about the popular plant-based patty, including model Chrissy Teigen, who sampled the Impossible Burger at comedienne Ellen Degeneres’ 60th birthday party this year and said it was “more flavorful” than beef.

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