Cory Booker Dishes on Whole Food Plant-Based Journey

The outspoken vegan New Jersey Senator takes to social media to encourage his fans to be kind to themselves and others.


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker discussed on social media this week his plant-based journey. Booker posted a photo to Instagram of a whole-roasted cauliflower and captioned it with an inspiring blurb. “I find myself more and more rejoicing in the delicious simplicity of a whole food, plant-based diet,” Booker said, before revealing that he was a “junk food vegan” last year. The senator explained that he is practicing intermittent fasting and revealed that he is a fan of the Impossible Burger. “The change in these first months of the year have been great from weight loss to more energy,” Booker—a longtime vegan—said. “Finding my way to optimal health is not a destination as much of a mindful journey. This year has been less about guilt and more about good food, less about casting judgement on myself and more about finding joy in the goodness of a whole food, plant based, non processed diet.” Booker launched the “Lift Every Voice” podcast on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to highlight overlooked social justice issues. “The journey continues,” the senator concluded. “May we all be kinder to others and to ourselves.”

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