Cory Booker Loses Snowball Fight, Buys Winner Vegan Pizza

The vegan New Jersey Senator was defeated by Arizona senator Jeff Flake in an epic snowball duel on the East Lawn and must pay the pizza price.


Vegan New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake faced off in a snowball duel (akin to Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton) last week on the East Lawn of the Capitol Building. The two senators agreed that the loser of the battle—the person who hit the other with the most snowballs—would purchase pizza for the staff of the winner. “With great ignominy I have to announce I lost the snowball fight three to two,” Booker said on Twitter. “I’m buying the pizza for his office … I neglected to tell him though that I am definitely sending a vegan pizza or two.” Booker lamented his loss in a follow-up tweet, stating, “I should have known this was a setup … lost this morning’s snowball duel to a guy named Flake from Snowflake, Arizona.” A longtime vegan, Booker recently spoke about his journey toward a healthier, whole-foods, plant-based diet after realizing he was a “junk food vegan” last year.