Dairy Protein Spikes Risk of Heart Failure by 49 Percent

New research finds that consuming too much protein from any source has a negative impact on cardiovascular health.


A new study published by the American Heart Association found that consuming excessive amounts of protein from any source results in an elevated risk of cardiovascular failure. A team of scientists observed 2,441 Finnish men between the ages of 42 and 60 for a period of 22 years and studied their dietary patterns through food journals kept by the men. Researchers divided participants into quartiles based on total protein intake and compared the top 25 percent (those who consumed the most) to the bottom 25 percent (those who consumed the least). The comparison revealed that participants who consumed the most animal-derived protein increased their risk of heart failure by 43 percent, which increased to 49 percent when that protein came from dairy foods. Researchers found that cardiovascular failure risk rose by 33 percent for those consuming a diet high in protein from all sources, which fell to 17 percent when that protein was derived from plant-based foods. A recent study published in The BMJ linked meat consumption to increased death rates from nine ailments including type 2 diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

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