Delivery Service Veganizes Meghan Markle’s Favorite Dish

London-based food delivery app Deliveroo added vegan “Royal Poutine” to its menu in honor of Prince Harry and future duchess Meghan Markle’s wedding.


United Kingdom-based food delivery service Deliveroo added this week a vegan menu option in honor of soon-to-be duchess Meghan Markle. The “Royal Poutine”—developed with the help of vegan restaurant by CHLOE—is a vegan version of one of Markle’s favorite dishes that she frequently consumed in Canada during the taping of television series Suits. The dish features air-baked French fries topped with spicy seitan-based chorizo and cashew-based mozzarella cheese and slathered in chipotle aioli. The dish will be available for delivery until May 19, the date of Prince Harry and Markle’s royal wedding. Last year, Deliveroo added a “bleeding” vegan steak, developed by Argentinian steakhouse Moo Cantina, to its menu in honor of World Vegan Day.

Photo courtesy of InStyle

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