Donald Glover Buys 113 Boxes of Vegan Girl Scout Cookies

The award-winning artist, also known as singer Childish Gambino, helped first-year Girl Scout Charity Joy Harrison meet her cookie-selling goal on The Late Show.


Multi-talented artist Donald Glover—director of show Atlanta who’s also known in his musical career as Childish Gambino—appeared on a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During the segment, Colbert asked Glover if he was familiar with a viral video that features a father/daughter duo—Atlanta residents Charity Joy and Seymore Harrison, Jr.—who created a parody of his song “Redbone” to help the 6-year-old sell Girl Scout Cookies. Glover reveals that he is familiar with the video before Colbert welcomed the Harrisons to the stage. Charity Joy gave Glover a Girl Scout cookie order form, and Glover agreed to purchase 113 boxes of cookies to help her meet her goal. “Obviously, Thin Mints,” Glover said as he decided which cookies to order. “You can put those in the refrigerator; I’ll take them all. Which ones do you like the most?” Glover asked Colbert, who agreed Thin Mints were the best. Colbert then presented a basket full of the vegan cookies to Charity Joy, who distributed the Thin Mints to the audience.

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