Drake is Now the Kale God of Toronto

The newly vegetarian musician gets praise for ditching meat in the form of billboards erected around Drake’s hometown.


Vegetarian musician Aubrey Drake Graham (known professionally as “Drake”) is being hailed as a “Kale God” in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. According to media outlet BlogTo, billboards have been spotted around the Toronto area that riff on Drake’s song “6 God” and depict the musician’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mixtape album art, displaying the words “Kale God” with an image of a kale leaf in place of the number 6. The billboards have been traced to local restaurant chain Freshii that used Drake’s newly adopted vegetarian diet as a way to promote its businesses. “Drake, we hear you’ve gone meatless,” a new website sponsored by the restaurant stated. “Giving up butter chicken and Sotto black angus steak isn’t easy, even with all the pineapple pizza in the world. Nobody becomes a kale God overnight.” The musician announced last month during a gaming session on Twitch that he believes that combining chicken and pineapple on a pizza “could work” but that he would not consume the said pizza because he no longer eats meat. Rumors about Drake ditching all animal products began circulating in early March, but the musician has only confirmed that he is a vegetarian.

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