Harry Styles Ends European Tour with Vegan Pie Prank

Former One Direction singer respects his opening act Mabel McVey’s cruelty-free lifestyle by throwing a vegan cream pie in her face on stage.


On Monday, musician Harry Styles pranked his opening act, British singer Mabel McVey (known professionally as “Mabel”), on stage in Dublin, Ireland during the final European show of his world tour. Styles first covered Mabel in Silly String before throwing a cream pie into the vegan singer’s face. “When Harry Styles pranks you on stage and throws a cream pie in your face whilst you’re singing,” Mabel tweeted after the show with a video of the incident, “at least it was vegan.” Fans responded on social media with comments that praised Styles for being respectful of Mabel’s lifestyle by choosing a cruelty-free pie for his prank. In 2016, Styles split from boy band One Direction—who often engaged in similar onstage antics—to pursue a solo career. His world tour will continue to Australia, Asia, and South America before ending in North America in June.

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