How A Vegan Diet is Making ”Everything” Easier for One Punk Singer

Chad Price is vegan and isn’t afraid to sing about it.


If you’ve never heard Chad Price’s voice, you’re really missing out. Although best known as the singer in pop-punk band ALL, Price is also known for his role in alt-country group Drag The River. Recently, Price has formed a new band called A Vulture Wake, which released its debut record The Appropriate Level of Outrage on January 31. A punk-rock supergroup, A Vulture Wake also features Joe Raposo (Lagwagon/RKL), Sean Sellers (Good Riddance/The Real McKenzies), and Brandon D. Landelius (The Mag Seven), but it’s Price who caught our attention thanks to his often-shared pro-vegan messages on Facebook. And, because we’re big fans of his, we spoke with Price—who went vegan two-and-a-half years ago—to ask how a plant-based diet is influencing his latest band. Here are his answers.

VegNews: When did you go vegan, and how did you make that decision? Had you been thinking about it for a while? Were you always someone who cared about animals?
Chad Price:
My wife and I stopped eating beef and pork a couple years before that but it took a while to get all the way there. I have always loved and cared for animals, but, like most people, never actually thought about where my food was coming from. I don’t think there was a specific thing that lead to me going full vegan, but I do remember sitting on an airplane watching the movie Unity on my iPad. I think the first scene is the cow waiting in the chute to be killed and trying his hardest to turn around and run while his friends were being slaughtered on the other side of the wall. It really got to me. I had seen more graphic footage before but that scene will haunt me for life.

VN: One thing ALL is known for is fishing. Have you talked to (drummer) Bill (Stevenson) about you going vegan?
We have talked about it. I know his wife and some of his other family members are vegan also, so it’s nothing new to him.

VN: I know you came to California recently. Was that your first tour since going vegan?
That was my first trip as a vegan. I definitely have more energy, but I also lost about 40 pounds after going vegan. It’s hard to compare playing as a vegan and as not because after going vegan everything got easier.

VN: Do you address veganism in any A Vulture Wake songs?
We have a song called “Take Life” on the album that is directly inspired by the movie scene I mentioned earlier.

VN: You share vegan-related posts on Facebook. What sorts of responses have you received from fans?
Fans are accepting. Other people not so much. I have had many people message me, thanking me for leading them in the vegan direction, asking how to go about it. That makes me feel good. I’ve also inadvertently gotten into arguments with people who refuse to see any other point of view. You need meat to live, blah, blah, blah. Some serious comedy in a lot of their comments, as, I’m sure, any vegan has dealt with.

VN: Since going vegan, has your voice changed or improved? Not that you need it—you’re one of my all-time favorite singers, so please don’t take that question as if I’m saying you need to improve.
Ha! Well, I appreciate it. I wouldn’t say changed or improved. My job is just a little easier.

VN: What are some of your favorite foods? Any vegan foods you can’t stand?
I eat peanut butter and jelly like there’s no tomorrow, and black beans and rice. I also hate celery—it’s evil. And I am extremely picky about tofu.

VN: What cities do you look forward to visiting on tour for vegan food? Any favorite restaurants? Any restaurants you haven’t tried that you want to?
I don’t have any spots in particular I’m looking to hit, but it seems like Europe has taken some big steps in that direction. I like being in some random city and seeing what I can find.

VN: What food do you bring with you to eat in the van?
Granola, nuts, and bananas.

VN: Is anyone else in A Vulture Wake vegan? What about Drag The River?
AVW at the moment is two vegans, one vegetarian, and one other. But I’m working on it. Drag The River— no.

VN: Speaking of Drag The River, what’s the status of that band?
Drag is on an extended break at the moment. I needed some time.

Ryan Ritchie is the Features Editor who does not allow anything to deter him in his quest for ALL.