Japan Part of $2.7M Investment in New Clean Meat Brand

The country’s government made a commitment to support new food technology with its recent investment in startup Integriculture.

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New clean-meat startup Integriculture recently announced that it raised 300 million JPY ($2.7 million) in its latest funding round—which included an investment from government-funded agency Expansion Japan. Integriculture plans to use the investment to develop its first two production plants that will use its proprietary “Culnet System” of culturing meat products from a small number of animal cells, eliminating the need to slaughter animals for food. The Culnet System is a general-purpose cell cultivator that makes it possible to create clean products for various industries. In 2017, Integriculture developed chicken foie gras (at the cost of $21 per pound) from cultured liver cells and plans to launch its first clean-meat product in the beauty and supplement industries in 2020. The startup will use its Culnet System to bring down the cost of producing clean meat and hopes to reach price parity to traditional meat production by the mid-2020s. Last year, China signed a $300 million trade deal with Israel to import its clean-meat technologies with the intent of reducing China’s environmental footprint.

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