Melania Trump Urged to Serve Kids Vegan Easter Candy

The First Lady is asked to serve dairy-free candy at this year’s Easter Egg Roll to include children who suffer from lactose intolerance and help animals that suffer in the dairy industry.


First Lady Melania Trump received a letter this week encouraging her to serve vegan candy at this year’s Easter Egg Roll event. Tracy Rieman, Executive Vice President of animal-rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), penned the letter to inform Trump that many children suffer from lactose intolerance and how serving vegan candy would allow them to participate in the event, as well as help animals exploited in the dairy industry. “As one mother to another, may I ask you to do something special for all children who will attend this year’s Easter Egg Roll?” Reimand said. “You’ve said that no child should feel ‘isolated,’ but some who are lactose intolerant or won’t drink milk because they love cows and know these animals miss the calves taken away from them on dairy farms feel isolated from other children because they eat only non-dairy Easter candy. Would you please include them in the fun?” Reiman ended her request with the offer of sending Trump vegan Easter candy—from brands such as Lagusta’s Luscious and Moo Free Chocolates— to distribute to children on April at this year’s Easter Egg Roll—which has been held on the White House lawn since 1878.

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