Nestlé Pivots Focus to Meet Vegan Demand

Chief Technology Officer Stefan Palzer aims to capitalize on the growing vegan trend by speeding up the process of creating new products at Nestlé.


In an interview with media outlet Reuters, Nestlé Chief Technology Officer Stefan Palzer explained that trends such as veganism are on the company’s radar. “Big trends are embraced by smaller companies a bit more actively than the big companies,” Palzer said. “We are adjusting our portfolio, doing many innovations and renovations to make the portfolio more relevant and to address those trends, but smaller companies are more agile.” Palzer, who has been working to quicken the process of getting new products onto shelves, described a recent experience where he and a colleague developed an idea for a new vegan product. “Thursday we had an idea, Friday we returned to Switzerland, and Monday evening I was able to taste the first prototype,” Palzer said. “Wednesday, this prototype was shown to the executive board, and Friday it was in the global pipeline.” Last year, Nestlé released four vegan creamer flavors under its Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss brand and acquired meat-free company Sweet Earth. Last week, the brand released its vegetarian Garden Gourmet line of prepared meals at select grocery stores in the United Kingdom.