Real Housewives Star Throws Vegan Dinner Party

Porsha Williams’ plant-based feast, complete with copious amounts of alcohol, was lit AF.


During a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), vegan reality star Porsha Williams treated her cast members to a vegan feast at which she served a whole-food, plant-based menu accompanied by shots of alcohol and hookah. “We were all lit,” Williams told media outlet E! News Online. “Think about it—they didn’t have what they normally have in their bellies. They didn’t have meat, they didn’t have the breads they would normally have. They had strictly a whole plant-based meal, so they weren’t really used to that. So, whatever I was giving them—which was shots—had them lit.” Williams was inspired by fellow RHOA star Kim Zolciak and documentary What the Health to adopt a plant-based diet last year.