Vegan Kebab Trailer “The Big Kebabski” Debuts in UK

A new bright-orange trailer hit the streets of England to serve kebab shaved straight from a seitan-loaded spit.


New vegan trailer The Big Kebabski—a riff on the classic film The Big Lebowski—recently debuted on the streets of Devon, England. Founded by newly vegan couple Luke Groombridge and Justa Saczka, the brightly colored trailer serves seitan-based kebab meat from a rotating spit much like its meat-based counterpart. The couple creates signature sauces (called “Sweet Johnsons”) and serves their kebab meat on flatbread topped with baba ganoush, zesty salads, gherkin pickles, and slaw. “We love strong flavors, fresh taste, and good textures and after experimenting with food for a long time, we finally created kebabs which deliver it all. And they look pretty awesome too,” Saczka told local outlet Devon Live. “We now have non-vegan customers who keep coming back to us and it feels amazing because it reassures us to keep doing what we are doing.” Last year, vegan kebab shop What a Pitta opened its first permanent location in London—a goal that Groombridge and Saczka plan for The Big Kebabski after establishing themselves as mobile vendors at local festivals and events.