Vegan Meat Delivery Service Launches in Nova Scotia

Real Fake Meats delivers bi-monthly boxes of vegan meats and cheeses to customers in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Real Fake Meats, a vegan meat and cheese delivery service that is the first of its kind on Canada’s east coast, launches this month in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Founded by Halifax chef Lauren Marshall—who appeared on Top Chef Canada Season 4 and helped open Halifax vegan eatery EnVie—and her friend Brandon Levesque, the company operates as a butcher box system, where customers purchase a standard or gluten-free box and pick it up at one of three locations in Halifax, or request delivery. Boxes are offered twice per month and include items such as Popcorn Chickfu, Montreal Spiced Bakon, Crem Chez, and Smoky Almond Chez Ball. The brand sold out of its first batch of boxes within 48 hours of launching and is currently developing more items, including vegan breaded fish, calamari, and baby ribs. The company name, Real Fake Meats, is a pun inspired by an episode of adult-oriented cartoon show Rick and Morty. “We also love it because we are using real ingredients, so it has layers of meaning,” chef Marshall told VegNews. “Real ingredients, fake meat, real food; we just love it.” Marshall hopes to raise enough money to open a storefront in Halifax by this fall and eventually ship Real Fake Meats products across Canada.

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