Impatient as we are, we must admit that it takes time to develop truly outstanding products. We’ve already experienced the invention of vegan Ben & Jerry’s and witnessed the remarkable evolution of vegan cheese. But there is still work to be done. As the world leans into plant-based innovation, so does the funding. The ProVeg Incubator is a start-up accelerator program designed to financially foster and develop grounding plant-based ideas around the globe. Keep an eye out for these 10 vegan international start-ups that are diligently working on everything from omega-3-infused, plant-based seafood to lab-grown, cow-free milk. 

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1. Meet Jack, Netherlands
Pulled pork-style jackfruit is nothing new—many grocers carry it in convenient, pre-seasoned packs—but what about fully-formed burgers and razor-thin gyros? That’s where Meet Jack developed its angle. The Netherlands-based company is currently supplying over 25 restaurants with its jackfruit-based vegan patties, gyros, and traditional Dutch appetizers. Under pandemic restrictions, it launched its product delivery service. Now customers in the Netherlands can have their Greek-seasoned strips, meaty croquettes, Jacks Balls (pun intended?), and more delivered to their door.

2. Hooked, Sweden
The vegan seafood market is ramping up. While early innovators such as Sophie’s Kitchen and Good Catch paved the way, Hooked has developed a way to improve these already impressive fishy analogs by adding omega-3s. The company is still in its infancy and has yet to launch a website, but when it announces a product launch date, we will be ready—with vegan tartar sauce in hand. 

3. Mister Veg, India
As meat consumption slowly rises in India, Mister Veg is doing its part to satisfy the population’s taste for meat without sacrificing their health or the animals. The company’s Not Meat includes beef-like mince and textured strips along with several fishless varieties from salmon to pomfret. Familiar, ready-made meals are also part of the company’s product range. Customers can find everything from Creamy Tikka to Meatless Biraynni in stores soon (date to be announced). 

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4. The Live Green Group, Chile
This fully operational Chilean start-up offers a rather unique range of products: burger patties and pancakes. We’ve only seen this mashup once before when IHOP decided to flip the P and become IHOB for a fraction of a moment. However, it seems to work for The Live Green Group. Its wholesome moringa and mung bean-based burger patties and savory Lentils & Broccoli pancake mixes are available in Chilean stores and online. Sorry, deliveries are currently restricted to Chilean borders, but fingers crossed this incubator program helps them to expand.  

5. Devon Garden, UK
Although Ripple made waves by introducing Americans to pea milk in 2014, Devon Garden is working on the UK audience. Before you make a face—the peas used are yellow split peas, not the bright green variety you might automatically think of. The result is an ultra-creamy, low-sugar, allergen-friendly, and high-protein beverage with the power to become the new oat milk. 

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6. Wholywood, France
The only café included in this incubator program, this casual Parisian spot fuses Western eats with the best of French pastries. Hemed by identical twin brothers Adrien and Anthony, the eatery is dedicated to organic, eco-friendly, and plant-based food to excite vegans and seduce non-vegans. Eats include chicken sandwiches, themed burgers, loaded hot dogs, pancakes, waffles, and more. On the pastry side, patrons are delighted by a daily rotation of quick breads, cheesecakes, croissants, and thick chocolate chip cookies dolloped with puddles of melted chocolate. 

7. I Love You Veggie Much, Germany
Similar to Hooked, this start-up is still in the early stages and has yet to publish a full website. However, it is deep in development of an organic line of plant-based baby foods. This is a market that has gone relatively unexplored, and parents of the future will be sure to rejoice once this product hits the shelves. 

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8. Zveetz, Germany
We’ve seen sugar-free lollipops and chocolate, but we’ve yet to taste a truly fantastic sugar-free dessert. Zveetz is looking to change that with its decadent vegan and sugar-free mousse. The coconut milk-based treat is sweetened with erythritol and stevia and is now available for shipping throughout Europe and the UK. Flavors include lemon cheesecake, chocolate, cold brew coffee, and peanut butter. 

9. Heuros, Australia
Lab-grown” meat has faced controversy from a number of populations. For vegans specifically, some are uncomfortable with the fact that it typically requires fetal bovine serum to grow the muscle cells. Heuros presents a solution: innovative technology that will allow the production of cultivated meat at a commercial scale without having to use animal products, hormones, or antibiotics. That’s an idea we can all get behind. 

10. Remilk, Israel
While Perfect Day works to recreate real dairy products without the cows in Silicon Valley, Remilk is attempting to do the same in Israel. Using a fermentation process, the start-up has discovered the science behind creating milk proteins without squeezing a single udder. Once they can produce results on a commercial scale, the possibilities are endless. 

Christine Lycklama is a copywriter with a mission: save the world’s ecosystem by writing about sustainability for sustainable organizations. 

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