The Fancy Foods Show is the largest specialty food industry event in North America. More than 200,000 food artisans from around the world flock to New York City to sample their country’s best “pinky-out” products to an industry-only crowd of distributors, retailers, and journalists. We scored an entry ticket and were thrilled to discover a strong showing of vegan options, and to maintain our journalistic integrity, we dutifully sampled for the benefit of our readers. Keep an eye out at the store and on Amazon for these new standout vegan products. 


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1. Milkadamia Buttery Spread
Though it won’t be released until early 2020, it’s worth creating an event in your calendar for Milkadamia’s palm oil-free buttery spread debut. Of all the tantalizing tastes we had, this is our top pick from the show. This macadamia-based spread is full of bold flavor and spreads like, well, butter! We can’t wait to get a hold of it and become vegan croissant masters … or just slather it on a fresh baguette on lazy days. 


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2. 88 Acres Seed Butters
Those with a nut or peanut allergy (we’re so sorry) are quite familiar with sunflower seed butter, but this allergen-friendly spread has yet to venture into the flavored dessert category—until now. 88 Acres’ new snackable spread has been completely reimagined with flavors that taste like vanilla spiced cake batter and dark chocolate. We could suggest food pairings, but honestly, this stuff is perfect simply by the spoonful.  


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3. Bohana Popped Water Lily Seeds
According to the founders of Bohana, popped water lily seeds—also known as makhana—have been an Ayurvedic superfood for centuries as well as a popular snack in India. One handful and we could see why. These highly addictive, light and airy corn puff-like treats are allergen-friendly and deliver a whopping three grams of protein per serving. Two out of the three available flavors are vegan—opt for the Soulful Spice or Himalayan Pink Salt.


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4. Oatsome Organic Oat Milk
Thanks to Oatly, oat milk is quickly becoming the new almond milk, and this Swedish company is having trouble keeping up with demand. Though loyal to this brand, we couldn’t help but delight in the latest player in the US oat milk market—Oatsome. We loved both the taste and ultra creamy texture of this beverage, and adored it even more when told it has no added sugar! This product just launched, so if you don’t see it in your local supermarket already, know that it’s on its way.


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5. Good Planet Foods
Good Planet Foods’ dairy-free cheeses aren’t new to the market, but their shredded cheddar flavor is. Just like the company’s current cheesy offerings, these shreds melt fabulously. So far, the shreds are only available in Whole Foods and other health food stores in the Pacific Northwest region, as well as Las Vegas and Denver, but the company is working on nationwide expansion so everyone can experience that euphoric satisfaction that comes with bubbly, gooey, melty cheese. 


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6. From the Ground Up Butternut Squash Pretzels
Brand new to the market, these gluten-free hard pretzels are made with cassava, butternut, pumpkin, and cauliflower flours along with other good-for-you ingredients such as spinach, broccoli, beets, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms. They come in both classic pretzel twists and sticks—perfect for dunking into hummus or non-dairy cheese spread. These are officially our new favorite party snack (sorry, pita chips). 


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7. Caulipower Cauliflower Grain-Free Tortillas 
For those who avoid grains and/or gluten, Taco Tuesday is just sad. Lettuce cups are fine, but they’re just not the same. These new cauliflower-based tortillas bring the fiesta back to this weekly taco celebration by offering a tasty grain and gluten-free option. Finally, a tortilla that isn’t a leaf and doesn’t taste like cardboard! You can find them nationwide at major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Safeway, and Kroger. 


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8. Coco Luxe Lychee Prebiotic Coconut Water
Upgrade your daily coconut water with this new gut-friendly beverage. This soon-to-be-released flavor includes prebiotics and is infused with a tropical lychee flavor to refresh your palate and your stomach. The product will debut in Australia and make it to the US later this year. 


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9. Pocasville Dried Dragon Fruit Chips
We’ve tried dragon fruit (also known as pitaya) in a pretty pink smoothie bowl, but this was the first time we tasted this tropical fruit in chip form. Dragon fruit is packed with nutrients including magnesium, iron, B2, and vitamin C—so essentially, these chips are like a multivitamin, but you can eat more than one!

Stefanie Ellis is a health-focused pastry chef and food and travel writer who lives in Seattle, WA.

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