There is a time for coffee shops, but even with the efficiency of mobile ordering, canned lattes bring a new meaning to coffee-to-go. The single-serve bottled varieties have been improved upon with La Colombe leading the way, swapping the bottle for a can, and creating the world’s first draft latte. Other coffee companies followed suit, and now consumers have their choice of chilled plant milk lattes to enjoy on the go (and to avoid the vegan milk surcharge at coffee shops). Here are 10 of our favorites. But first, what actually is a latte and where did it come from?

Where did lattes come from?

According to Green Farm Cafe, like cappuccinos and macchiatos, lattes were originally invented in Italy. But they weren’t made for the natives. They were actually created to cater to American tourists who “struggled with the bitter and richer flavors of espresso.” So, it tracks that the drink is popular in the US. (Between June 2017 and 2018, Americans drank around 67 million lattes!)

But because the word latte directly translates to “milk” in Italian, you should be careful if you’re on vacation in the country, as you’ll likely be served warm milk. That said, in the UK or the US, a latte is simply two shots of espresso which are topped with steamed milk and finished with a very thin layer of froth. (A cappuccino is similar, but with a lot more froth.)

How can a latte be vegan?

Traditionally, lattes have been made with cow’s milk. But that’s not compulsory. Now, there are a number of plant-based milk alternatives on the market, like oat, soy, coconut, and hemp, and all can be directly swapped with cow’s milk to make a vegan latte.

So, if you’re on the go and fancy a milky caffeine boost, here are a few of the vegan canned options on offer for you.

10 canned vegan lattes to keep you going

Elmhurst 1925

1 Elmhurst 1925 Oat Lattes

This family dairy-turned-plant-milk company is doing more than “milking nuts.” Known for its minimal-ingredient nut milks such as walnut, almond, and cashew, Elmhurst recently debuted a collection of four shelf-stable, oat-based coffee, and tea lattes. The line includes Matcha and Flash Brew. Each single-serve carton is free of gums, emulsifiers, and carrageenan, delivering on the Elmhurst promise of natural and minimal ingredients.
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VegNews.lacolombeLa Colombe


2 La Colombe Draft Lattes

Based on a combination of creative ingenuity and perhaps a bit of magic, La Colombe created the first draft latte in a can in 2016. Since its inception, the company expanded the line to include oat milk varieties. Current flavors include Oatmilk Double Latte and Oatmilk Vanilla Latte.
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3 Chameleon Cold-Brew Oat Milk Lattes

We fell in love with this cold-brew brand when we first sipped its bottled, boldly flavored black coffees. Its two non-dairy canned lattes are equally as satisfying (and still provide a noteworthy caffeine kick). Both options—Dark Chocolate and Maple—feature creamy oat milk combined with the company’s signature organic cold brew.
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4 Califia Farms Nitro Lattes with Oat Milk

Fans of the Califia Farms bottled lattes need to add these canned varieties to their fridges and beach coolers. Each oat milk-based latte provides a satisfying pop and fizz thanks to the nitro infusion. Flavors include XX Espresso and Salted Caramel.
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Rise Brewing Co.

5 Rise Brewing Co. Nitro Cold Brew Coffees

Toss a few of these creamy nitro cold brews into the cooler before you head off to a picnic. These oat milk beverages retain a smooth and foamy finish in the can—just make sure to not shake them up too much before opening, or you could end up wearing your latte. Flavors include Original Black, Oat Milk Latte, Oat Milk Mocha, Oat Milk Vanilla, and London Fog Tea.
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Craveable Florida

6 High Brew Coffee Dairy-Free Lattes

While oat milk seems to be the popular choice amongst canned latte competitors, High Brew breaks the mold with its coconut and cashew milk cold-brew beverages. The company also offers more than just the standard latte or mocha (though they have those, too). Fun flavors range from Toasted Coconut to Bourbon Vanilla.
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Pop and Bottle

7 Pop & Bottle Oat Milk Lattes

For more than just a jolt of caffeine, reach for a can of Pop & Bottle. Each oat milk-based beverage includes good-for-you ingredients such as coconut MCT oil, antioxidants, and adaptogens. Vegan-friendly options include the Classic, Matcha, and Mocha—skip the Vanilla, as it contains animal-based collagen.
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VegNews.MinorFiguresLatteMinor Figures

8 Minor Figures Oat Lattes

At this London-based brand, coffee isn’t just roasted—it’s also flash brewed and steeped for hours to create a complex, bright flavor. Reach for an Oat Latte or an Oat Mocha for a classic caffeine kick. For an added dash of sweetness, opt for the Oat Mocha or Oat Chai.
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9 BSweet Nitro Lattes

This Los Angeles-based brand boasts a vegan-friendly dessert bar, food trucks, and now, they’re bringing their signature lattes to the masses. Made with oat milk for extra creaminess, the Matcha Tea and Thai Tea Latte varieties are guaranteed to satisfy. For a one-of-a-kind drink, the Ube Latte can’t be missed.
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VegNews.TwrlMilkTeaTwrl Milk Tea

10 Twrl Milk Tea

Asian women-owned and founded, Twrl Milk Tea was created from the desire to make milk tea even better. Formulated with ethically sourced premium organic teas and a splash of pea milk, Twrl’s flavors include Supreme Jasmine, Hojicha Roasted Green Tea, and Original Black.
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