Top 10 Male Vegan Bloggers

Meet 10 meat-free men who rock out recipes, run marathons, and fight the good fight.


Real men eat whatever they want. Sure, the macho stereotype has always pointed its hairy finger at the manliness of meat, but it’s 2015, and we should be beyond equating men with some sort of blood-sucking savages. In our opinion, the manliest men spend their time in the kitchen, cooking up delicious vegan meals, teaching us how to be no-meat athletes, and spreading the word about compassionate living. We’d like to take a moment to honor 10 men (in no particular order) who contribute amazing insight, gorgeous photos, delicious recipes, and priceless advice to our growing vegan blogosphere.

The Sexy Vegan’s Brian L. Patton
Author of The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Dude and The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home, Brian Patton (aka “The Sexy Vegan” and pictured above) hops around the coolest events hanging with famous vegan chefs, eating delectable vegan food, and sharing it with the world on his super sexy blog. He also hosts the Sexy Vegan Radidio Show, in which he interviews vegans such as Richa Hingle of the blog, Vegan Richa, and Kitee Berns, the mastermind behind this year’s cookbook sensation Teff Love. When he’s not rubbing elbows with vegan superstars, Patton creates food masterpieces such as smoked shiitake butternut squash ravioli and huge sandwiches that feature new meatless products stuffed to the bread brim with roasted veggies and homemade sauces.

Healthy Vegan Guy’s Vince Lia
Motivated by years of unsuccessfully battling ulcerative colitis with medication, Lia went vegan, felt better, and created Healthy Vegan Guy last December to promote healing through whole foods. He knows that veganism could mean snacking on Oreos, potato chips, and other junk, but he’s not pushing any of that. Instead, Lia is all about satisfying recipes that keep you healthy, active, and disease-free. As a nod to his Italian roots, Lia will be adding new Italian recipes such as zucchini pasta with tomato sauce and eggplant parmesan.

The Discerning Brute’s Joshua Katcher
Joshua Katcher, the man behind the ultra-curated blog The Discerning Brute, is quite picky. And for good reason. Katcher’s site covers “fashion, food and etiquette for the ethically handsome man,” proving he isn’t just a pretty mustachioed face. Katcher is also an adjunct professor at Parsons The New School in New York, the creator of fashion line Brave GentleMan, and makes frequent appearances in mainstream media publications such as, Time Out NY, and W Magazine. The brute always has his finger on the cruelty-free fashion pulse, and his blog showcases dapper duds such as jackets, shoes, backpacks, and entire lines of couture finds. 

Vegan Skate Blog’s Kerry Weber
Kerry Weber, aka “Mr. Fakie,” runs Vegan Skate Blog, which illuminates the intersection of veganism and skating by urging vegan skaters to step up their game. The blog features interviews with “vegetable shredders” and asks questions that seamlessly sway between skateboarding, animal activism, and the vegan lifestyle. Vegan Skate Blog also reviews vegan shoes by tearing them to shreds, highlights progressive art, and posts photos and videos of vegan skaters doing what they do best.

Rich Roll Blog’s Rich Roll
Anything we can do, Rich Roll can do better. An intensely inspiring blog by an extremely motivating man, Roll is the epitome of a plant-powered ultra-athlete. The man publicly rejected middle age to pursue seemingly impossible physical endeavors such as the Epic5 Challenge, in which he endured five ironman-distance triathlons on five Hawaiian islands in less than a week. We’ve been stalking his blog to figure out how to be like him, and it’s filled with insight, advice, and details about his amazing life. In addition to the blog, Roll also hosts a wildly popular podcast called The Rich Roll Podcast.

One Ingredient Chef’s Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson’s blog, One Ingredient Chef, was inspired by a neon banana pepper that included 10 ingredients. Although the title might suggest otherwise, he features healthy vegan fare that contains more than one ingredient and uses a wide variety of ingredients to create mouth watering dishes such as dangerously cheesy kale chips, quinoa and tempeh jambalaya, and salted caramel apple scones.

True Love Health’s Matt Ruscigno
Matt Ruscigno is a vegan fountain of sports nutrition information and shares the bounty on his blog, True Love Health. The site is a connection to upcoming vegan events, lectures, and nutrition seminars and offers interesting insight into the foods we love. A registered dietitian and a vegan for 19 years, Ruscigno collaborates with professional filmmaker Sasha Perry to create inspiring videos of vegan crossfitters, runners, and bodybuilders on a side project called Strongest Hearts. He also co-authored The No Meat Athlete with Matt Frazier and Appetite for Reduction with Isa Chandra Moskowtiz.

VeganMos’ Dr. Ethan J. Ciment and Michael Suchman
Married couple Dr. Ethan and Michael put together VeganMos as a collaboration of their love for everything vegan. Their posts range from recipes to elaborate product and restaurant reviews with commentary on human, animal, and LGBTQ rights. Recently, Ethan enticed us with his informative video tour of Israel’s open-air market, overflowing with nuts, dried fruit, sacks of colorful spices, plump olives, and endless varieties of halva, an Israeli desert made with freshly ground tahini. The couple lives in Brooklyn with their two vegan dogs.

A Humane Nation’s Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle remains at the forefront of the animal-rights movement thanks to his role as president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States. By sharing thought-provoking, informative posts at his blog, A Humane Nation, he calls attention to instances of animal abuse while serving as a reliable resource regarding legislation around the protection of animals. Recent posts include “Animal Protection: A Domestic and Foreign Affair,” “Horse Sense Needs to End Doping in Horse Racing,” and “Bob Dole, Bob Kerrey Call on Congress to Embrace Animal Welfare Agenda.”

The Vegan Zombie Vlog’s Jon Tedd and Chris Cooney
“Ready to fend off the flesh eating mainstream,” The Vegan Zombie YouTube channel was started by two horror genre-obsessed guys. Jon Tedd and Chris Cooney hosts the webisodes, in which they leisurely cook seitan, vegan drumsticks, and meatloaf in preparation for the pending apocalypse, often taking ice cream sandwich breaks to refuel. The boys don their “Zombie Crew” t-shirts while sampling Miyoko’s Creamery artisan cheese, cooking spicy bibimbap in the “safe house,” and avoiding potential zombies at the store while picking up Daiya for zombie-free mac and cheese.

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