Vegan Bibimbap Burgers

Korean flavors meet American fare in this new veggie burger from Dr. Praeger’s.

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Until now, our experience with bibimbap—a traditional Korean dish which means “mixed rice” comprised of white rice, vegetables, and spicy Gochujang sauce—has been confined to a bowl at Korean restaurants. But thanks to Dr. Praeger’s new Bibimbap Veggie Burgers, traditional Korean flavors are now at our fingertips (and between two buns loaded with toppings like avocado, crisp lettuce, and tomato). The patties are made from brown rice, seven vegetables, and just the right amount of Korean spice—and taste great pan-fried or grilled on the barbecue. We’ve even taken them back to their roots by crumbling them generously over steamed veggies for our own take on the bibimbap bowl.