It’s not always easy to find the local gem—even if you dive deep into HappyCow, you might still miss that traveling vegan pop-up or that shady hole-in-the-wall serving the best vegan tavern-style pizza to ever exist. To live (and eat) like a local next time you travel, rely on your trusty accommodations—AirBnB. The company has curated a number of vegan food adventures in several cities, so you can stop obsessively scrolling through Thrillist and focus on the fun. From ice cream-making classes in Portland, OR to cooking classes in Tokyo, Japan, you won’t find these hidden gems on any top ten list. 

1. The Vintage Vegan Experience, Atlanta, GA
Explore the tastes, sights, and history of “Hotlanta” with this weekly four-hour walking tour. Led by 10-plus year resident La’Bonnae Kea, you’ll nibble plant-based bites in downtown and make your way to the Historic West End where you’ll complete the tour with comfort food. All stops are unique to Atlanta—no chains or franchises, just authentic southern charm and eats. 

2. Vegan & Veggie Street Food Adventure, Mexico City, Mexico
No need to bring along a translator—this four-and-a-half-hour tour is hosted in both English and Spanish. Discover family-run, “off-the-beaten-path” eateries known for their plant-based al pastor, tortas, and “the best horchata of your life,” according to the guides. End the tour with a celebratory cerveza, a full belly, and a better understanding of Mexico City’s food and culture. 

3. Vegan Gourmet Cooking Class, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles does not lack for five-star vegan restaurants, but for a more intimate evening, sign up for this three-course, customizable cooking class. Chef Bekah Rife can accommodate any dietary preference and/or restriction for groups up to eight people. You’ll receive three hours of eating and instruction along with the recipes emailed to you after class. 

4. Vegan Food Crawl, Brooklyn, NY
The hot vegan spots have migrated from Manhattan to Brooklyn in recent years, but tracking them all down can be a multi-hour research project. Leave it to the locals. Longtime Bushwick resident Gina Williams will walk you through three of the best vegan ethnic joints in her neck of the woods while taking in the vibrant street art scene. Prepare yourself for some excellent Ethiopian! 

5. Moroccan Dessert Class, Brooklyn, NY
If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ve likely already mastered vegan cake and cupcakes (or know your way around a box mix). Spice up your repertoire with this dessert-focused cooking course. You’ll learn to make chocolate from scratch; sweet and spiced almond, coconut, and tahini medallions; rich fruit-and-nut-coated chocolate balls, and a Halva-filled flourless chocolate cake—all in three hours. 

6. Vegan Food Tour, Paris, France 
Explore the magnifique Le Marais district of Paris during this five-stop, three-hour walking tour. Host Alice Barousse will treat you to the local’s favorite spots with a bit of history woven in between bites. Be sure you have plenty of euros on you—one stop is an all-vegan food shop with all the fresh bread, chocolate, wine, and vegan cheese you can lug back to carry back to your AirBnB.  

7. Vegan Food Experience, Tokyo, Japan
Learn how to prepare traditional Shojin-Ryori style meals from this international cook-turned-media-contributor, Kayuza Tomioka. This three-hour, hands-on course is rich in cultural history and detailed instruction—though be warned, it might ruin your favorite generic Japanese joint back in the States. 

8. Vegan Brunch Crawl, Washington, D.C. 
Be prepared to summit a few hills on this walking tour of our nation’s capital. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of food to fuel you. From giant vegan sticky buns to collard greens and mac and cheese, you’ll end the tour in a blissful food coma. 

9. Vegan Food Crawl, Chicago, IL
Yes, this tour includes deep-dish pizza. If that weren’t enough—one slice is often all a single person can handle in one sitting—you’ll also be treated to Chicago-style vegan hot dogs and dessert at the city’s first vegetarian restaurant. Know before you go: do not ask for ketchup on your hot dog. 

10. Vegan Ice Cream Making Class, Portland, OR
Sure, incredible vegan ice cream already lines the freezer shelves of supermarkets, but the taste of ice cream you make yourself is next-level-good. Learn how to make two seasonally inspired flavors by Portland plant-based ice cream entrepreneur, Emily Brees. We promise this course will be the cherry on top to your stay. 

11. Vegan Food Tour, Athens, Greece
For the spontaneous adventure-seeker, this walking food tour is a must. Host Fragiskos Sakellaridis tailors the tour to any vegan-friendly event happening in the city, and as the organizer for Veganlife Festivals, he’s always in the know. Sample scrumptious vegan versions of traditional moussaka, souvlaki, and probably the best falafel you’ve ever had the pleasure of stuffing into your face. 

12. Vegan Food Stroll, Barcelona, Spain
Led by a local chef with an affinity for chocolates and pastries, take in the beauty of Barcelona as you walk between the five incredibly tasty vegan tour stops. Along the way, she’ll offer her best advice for shopping and eating around town so you can ensure you’ll be well-fed for the duration of your stay. 


Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

Photo credit: Vegan Food Tours