Calgary might affectionately be called the Texas of Canada, but it’s not all rodeos and steakhouses. The city has a lively and ever-growing vegan scene as well. Whether you are coming to Calgary to visit, or just stopping through on your way to popular tourist destinations like Banff and Lake Louise, you don’t want to miss these 11 incredible vegan hotspots. 

VegNews.VeganstreetVegan Street

1 Vegan Street

Tucked away in an old house-turned-eatery, Vegan Street is one of the best restaurants in Calgary. Satisfy your comfort-food craving with the nacho fries, mac and cheese, and an array of burgers, or go for lighter options with the Caesar wrap and chicken tacos. Need a cocktail? Try the classic Canadian staple invented in Calgary: the Caesar. This Bloody Mary-adjacent drink gets a vegan twist with the bar’s plant-based Clamato juice (aka clam and tomato juice). Local tip: you can add a whole grilled cheese sandwich as a garnish to your Caesar for $5. Find similar eats with a Mexican spin at the restaurant’s second location—The Vegan Street Taco Bar—in the Inglewood neighborhood. When dining at this offshoot, swap the cocktail for a refreshing michelada.
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VegNews.GrinningGoatCalvaryThe Grinning Goat

2 The Grinning Goat

A store entirely dedicated to everything vegan, The Grinning Goat is a one-of-a-kind spot. It carries everything from clothing to candles in addition to some practical items to help you enjoy the great outdoors. Pick up a pair of stylish hiking boots and break them in on one of the surrounding beautiful Rocky Mountain trails, or sport locally made plant-based apparel while you explore the city.
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3 Jinya

Jinya—a chic Asian fusion restaurant with two fantastic vegan ramen options—is just around the corner from The Grinning Goat. It can be hard to find quality vegan ramen in this area, but Jinya doesn’t disappoint. Keep it spicy with the Creamy Vegan Ramen or try a unique combo of soy meat and miso broth with the Flying Vegan Harvest. The menu also offers vegan options under every single category—from the chef specials to the small plates. The vegan bun and seaweed salad are excellent dishes to supplement your meal.
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VegNews.VegInCalvaryVeg-In Yyc

4 Veg-In Yyc

Check out the best street food Calgary has to offer by stopping at Veg-In Yyc. The menu features Indian fusion creations such as creamy butter chicken and soft and crispy samosas. They also have a fridge full of desserts to choose from including cheesecake, cupcakes, and cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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VegNews.AliceSanctuaryThe Alice Sanctuary

5 The Alice Sanctuary

If you have access to a vehicle, it’s definitely worth the 45-minute drive out to the Alice Sanctuary. Located in the Alberta countryside, the Alice Sanctuary is a peaceful home to rescued farm animals including cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, and other four-legged and feathered friends. The sanctuary hosts guided tours during the summer and includes a free vegan lunch. Depending on when you visit, you might be able to catch goat yoga or the annual end-of-summer concert fundraiser with live music and a vegan market with local vendors.
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VegNews.VBurgerV Burger

6 V Burger

A modern-day burger and shake spot, V Burger offers a fun, vibrant, and tasty vibe. Try the gooey brownie batter Vmix or the cute rainbow sprinkle ice cream sandwich (or both, we won’t judge). Go all out with the juicy Big Kahuna Burger with a side of tater tots, or keep it simple with the classic original V Burger. No matter what, make sure to bring your appetite … and several napkins.
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VegNews.heartschoicesHeart’s Choices

7 Heart’s Choices

You can’t go wrong with Heart’s Choices. With a unique mix of Western and authentic Thai food, there is always something alluring on the menu. The kitchen cranks out everything from khao soi to vegan cheeseburgers, Thai massaman curry to cauliflower wings, and Chick’un and Waffles. Typically, restaurants that attempt to do too much or please everyone end up making fairly mediocre food, but Heart’s Choices is the exception to this rule.
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VegNews.RegalCatCafeRegal Cat Cafe

8 Regal Cat Cafe

Sip on locally roasted coffee and snack on sweet vegan baked goods while watching adorable kittens play. Regal Cat Cafe is a trendy cat-topia in the heart of the bustling neighborhood of Kensington, home to adoptable rescue cats and kittens. Try one of their unique signature-themed tea blends, such as the Orange Tabby or Tortoiseshell, and snuggle up with your favorite little purr monster.
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VegNews.BrokenCityBroken City

9 Broken City

If you’re looking for a cozy bar with character, Broken City is the perfect stop. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and live music, Broken City has a unique and friendly vibe. Pub-style vegan appetizers such as onion rings, chickpea fries, and cauliflower wings hit the spot. Make new friends while drinking local vegan Wild Rose brews on the rooftop patio or warm up in the winter with the life-affirming vegan chili.
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10 Farmers and Makers Market at CSpace

Visit the Farmer’s Market at Cspace every Saturday to catch two of the city’s most popular vegan bakers. Veghammer offers Calgary’s best doughnuts in addition to pies and hot lunches. Doughnut flavors rotate, but fan favorites include Blue Raspberry and Oreo Cheesecake. For French pastries, swing by the Roll With It Baking booth to grab a flaky croissant or a rich and tender brioche bun. Stay a while after you’ve snagged your baked goods to saunter through the local produce stands, art displays, and artisan goods vendors.
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VegNews.DandelionThe Dandelion

11 The Dandelion

If you love brunch, this vegan and zero-waste restaurant is the perfect place to check out on a weekend morning. Treat yourself to the decadent Strawberries and Cream Waffle or the savory chickpea omelette. Outside of brunch, the menu features a divine mushroom ravioli and a unique Nova Scotian charcuterie board. For drinks, cozy up to a vegan Valrhona hot chocolate or sip on a pink gin-and-soda canned cocktail. Don’t walk away without a slice of the delightful pistachio orange cake with chai-infused buttercream frosting. Drool!
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