Social Justice Summer Camp for Adults Launches

All-vegan Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp aims to help adults get more involved in charitable causes.


Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp, a program focused on social justice activism, is launching a new week-long summer camp for adults this July at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, NY. The program, founded in 2009 by long-time activist and educator Nora Kramer, was previously available only to those under 17 years of age. “So many adults have told me over the years that they wish YEA Camp had been around to help them when they were younger,” Kramer told VegNews, “or that they wish we could offer a similar program for adults who are interested in activism and social justice. With so many problems in our world, our goal is to help train and support more people of any age to make a bigger difference on the causes they care about.” The food served at YEA Camp is entirely plant-based and includes vegan macaroni and cheese, French toast, pancakes, and Tofurky wraps. The adult camp’s programming focuses on animal-rights, as well as on anti-racism, anti-sexism, LGBTQ rights, and issues affecting our environment and world hunger. Daily activities include yoga and meditation, workshops on communication training and building activism skills, and free time to explore the sanctuary. The program costs $1,600 and includes accommodation and all meals, though if cost is a concern, scholarships or a sliding price scale are available.

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