Vegan Ice Cream Social Pops Up in Brooklyn

Elmhurst Milked—a former dairy brand that now makes creamy vegan milk—will host a classic soda fountain pop-up, complete with peanut milk-based sundaes.


On June 10, popular Brooklyn-based diner MeMe’s will turn into a vegan soda fountain. The event features plant-based milk products from vegan brand Elmhurst Milked which will be served in various preparations. The brand’s peanut-based milk will be transformed into soft-serve ice cream that can be ordered as a sundae with toppings such as sweetened coconut-milk sauce and candied chilies. Elmhurst’s cashew-based milk will be made into the Phosphate—an alcoholic beverage that features cocoa-cardamom syrup, dark rum, and seltzer. In 2016, Elmhurst closed its dairy plant—the last of its kind in New York City limits—before re-launching operations as a plant-based dairy company in 2017. The brand now creates milk from various sources such as walnuts, oats, cashews, peanuts, rice, hazelnuts, and almonds, using a proprietary process it developed during its days as a dairy operation.

Photo courtesy of Liz Clayman