“Vegan Ladyboss” Empowerment Event Expands Globally

Vegan candy brand Smarties’ Co-President Liz Dee started the small event in her New York apartment in 2016 and Vegan Ladyboss has now expanded to five countries outside of the United States.


Female empowerment event “Vegan Ladyboss” embarks on a worldwide expansion this year. Co-President of vegan brand Smarties Candy Company, Elizabeth “Liz” Dee, started the event in 2016—which was then a gathering of five women in her NYC apartment—as a vehicle to empower vegan women to discuss animal advocacy and career advancement. “I created Vegan Ladyboss because it fulfilled something that was missing in my life,” Dee told VegNews. After one year in development, Dee recently launched the “Organizer Starter Kit” to help women lead Vegan Ladyboss events more effectively. “There are a lot of potlucks and social events as well as activism opportunities for vegans (which are wonderful),” Dee said, “but I couldn’t find meetings focused on the behind-the-scenes work and connection that can take one’s career or advocacy to the next level. I wanted that for myself, and it turns out other people did too.” This year, Vegan Ladyboss events will be attended by approximately 1,000 women (and people who identify as women) in cities across the United States and in seven countries including Canada, Sweden, Singapore, England, and Germany.

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