Vegan Weddings 2011

Read on to discover 10 phenomenal couples who wowed us with their compassionate weddings this year.

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Wedding season is nearly upon us, and in the spirit of nuptials, we’re thrilled to regail you with 10 amazing vegan weddings. This year’s couples blew us away with their creativite, compassionate, and downright cool celebrations. Whether you’re planning a dazzling destination wedding, a small gathering of close friends, or something in between, these couples’ special days can be a blueprint for your own day. Read on for full menus, DIY details, and more!

Meet all of our 2011 Vegan Wedding couples:

Elizabeth Cook & Alap Shah (Itasca, IL)
Joselle Palacios & Brian Kantorek (Philadelphia, PA)
Stephanie Karpel & Stephen Wright (Mendocino, CA)
Kim Karpel & Ben Milner (Newport Beach, CA)
Petrina Katsikas & Kevin Butler (Willow, NY)
Astrum Lux Lucis & Alicia Ojeda (Austin, TX)
Erin Williams & Andrew Page (Hawaii, Big Island)
Crystal Burnett & Chris Tate (Austin, TX)
Joan Laguatan & Devin Benjamin (San Francisco, CA)
Meghan Campbell & Gareth Smith (Townsend, TN)

And for all the specifics, we’ve pulled together a handy list of all the vendors for each couple. Find photographers, caterers, dress designers and more, right here!

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