Vegan Weddings 2009: Robin Henderson & Nathan William

From a picturesque California coastal ceremony to a magnificent backyard masquerade ball in Virginia, this year’s vegan wedding couples shatter stereotypes and exceed their own expectations for “the big day.”

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Robin Henderson & Nathan Williams
Roxbury, NY

Guests: 90
Pricetag: $6,000
Best wedding gift: “A generous donation from Nate’s dad. It went toward the barn we built for our rescued farm animals.”
Honeymoon: Aruba
Tip for success: “Do what you want to do to have fun on your big day. Have a wedding that truly reflects who you are as a couple.”

Their story: Robin spent her high school days advocating on behalf of animals; Nate moved in next door with a meat-and-potatoes mindset, but an open mind. Like the old adage, opposites attract, and before long they were becoming a perfect pair. The couple went vegan together after a powerful PETA conference, and soon after became an animal-rescuing force to be reckoned with. Since Nate’s proposal atop the Catskill Mountains, the duo has rescued more than 25 animals, with no plans to stop.

Wedding highlights: After riding the chairlift to the top of Plattekill Mountain, scenic views enveloped guests as they witnessed the heartfelt ceremony. Robin and Nate exchanged vows, promising “to steam kale with you on weeknights” and “to alternate visits to the vets,” committing not only to each other, but a life of compassion. At the reception, guests enjoyed the culmination of Robin and Nate’s triple-threat approach: make it vegan, economical, and ecological. Tables adorned with vibrant moss and colorful leaves served as a beautiful setting for Nate’s savory creations, including his classic VegNews award-winning Down-Home Country-Fried Seitan. This, along with other favorite recipes, was bound in a personalized cookbook—printed on recycled paper, of course—to make the perfect DIY memento. As a phenomenal rock band played into the evening, guests danced, full of food and fondness, making mountaintop memories to last a lifetime.

The Menu
Citrus faux spare ribs with pineapple
Crispy fried seitan
Stuffed mushrooms

Main Course
Eggplant moussaka
Stuffed shells
Sausage and pepper mélange
Steamed kale

Four-tiered cupcake tree featuring cookies-and-cream cupcakes with Oreo-topped buttercream frosting, coconut-lime cupcakes with lime-buttercream frosting, vanilla cupcakes with “skinny” confectioners icing drizzled over fresh raspberries, and chocolate-peanut butter cupcakes with peanut buttercream frosting and rich chocolate ganache

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