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Want to know the world’s hottest veg blogs? We’ve compiled the best of the best.

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With more veg-friendly blogs out there than minutes in the day, the task of finding a blog that suits your style can be more like work than fun. Thankfully, VegNews has sifted through the cyber world and selected 20 winners. Each of these blogs boasts a little something special, and we’re sure that you’ll quickly find just the right read for you. Without further ado, here are the first-ever Veg Bloggy Awards!

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
Read this blog if: You’re already a fan of Gary Francione’s hard-line vegan-education understanding of activism, or curious about the well-known professor’s views.

An Animal Friendly Life
Read this blog if: You want to keep up-to-date on animal-related news as reported by longtime activist Eric Prescott, who also has a documentary in the works.

Read this blog if: You want to know about the latest up-and-coming cookbook author, Hannah Kaminsky. Her inspired eats, gorgeous photography, and all-around excellent style make for an exciting, interesting read.

Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan
Read this blog if: You love food. Dreena Burton isn’t a best-selling cookbook author for nothin’, and in her no-muss no-fuss posts she finds ways of making new spins on old favorites-like sticking her pizza on the grill instead of in the oven. Her food photography is always up close and inspiring.

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Read this blog if: You want to get out of your usual dinner-time routine, and save a few calories while you’re at it. Never before have the words “fat free” made our mouths water, but with Susan Voison’s creative recipes and compelling voice, you’ll never even notice that the fat’s been cut.

The Conscious Kitchen
Read this blog if: You just can’t get enough fancily flourished food. Emilie Hardman delivers lengthy posts packed with amazing photos of her ultra-compelling confections and savory standouts. Whether it’s your sweet tooth or your desire for something out of the ordinary that drives you to The Conscious Kitchen, you won’t be disappointed.

Hezbollah Tofu
Read this blog if: You love to make Anthony Bourdain eat humble pie. By veganizing recipes straight from his cookbook, this collective effort makes anyone who would use animal products look like a “splinter faction.”

Get Sconed!
Read this blog if: You want to be hungry in five minutes flat. Jess DeNoto makes us drool with her home-style, simple food and casual, funny attitude. Her farmers’ market finds always inspire us to get cooking, and we love reading about which recipes she’s testing for the forthcoming cookbooks.

Read this blog if: You like your news served up sassy. SuperVegan’s bloggers take their work seriously-reporting on all things veg from NYC-but take themselves with a grain of Jon-Stewart-style salt, which makes reading this mainstay not only informative but thoroughly enjoyable.

Post Punk Kitchen Blog
Read this blog if: You want to know what’s going on in the mind, and kitchen, of Isa Chandra Moskowitz, whom you may remember from such blockbuster books as Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance. Written in her signature smart-ass style, Moskowitz-addicts will love this in-between-cookbooks supplement.

The Urban Housewife
Read this blog if: You want a touch of rock ‘n’ roll in your mixing bowl. Melissa Elliott’s rock-inspired style makes for adorable baked goods and her history as a makeup artist makes for lovely presentation. The one-woman show has also recently started her own baking business, Sugar Beat Sweets, which is sure to provide plenty of blog fodder.

Vegan Dad
Read this blog if: You wish your dad had been vegan when you were a kid! Nate R. Kozuskanich keeps his brood of three well-fed with homemade faux meats, breads, soups, and sweets. His no-nonsense approach to vegan food might just help you convince your own dad to give the veg life a try.

Ramblings of a Vegan Man!
Read this blog if: You need a superhero who shares your goal “to save all sentient beings.” Jefferey Radcliffe’s caped crusades usually take the form of blogging about his dinners, and his comic-book-style layout makes us long for rainy days to spend holed-up reading about his latest adventures.

What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?
Read this blog if: You want your socks knocked off. This blog has more haute cuisine than all of France, and serves up weekly posts dedicated to high-end raw food meals. You want raw meatloaf? You got it. You want Tea Smoked Tofu Curry? Yep, it’s right there for your reading pleasure.

Vegans of Color
Read this blog if: You realize and appreciate that veganism isn’t a single-issue lifestyle. Having compassion not only for animals but for all beings is at this blog’s core, and the contributors explore questions like cultural imperialism, sexism, white privilege, and exotification. Grab your contemplation cap and get reading!

Vegan YumYum
Read this blog if: You want illustrated, step-by-step recipes from a Martha-Stewart-style perfectionist. Lauren Ulm was, literally, featured on the Martha Stewart show for her use of marzipan in cupcake decoration, and her no-fail recipes have wowed her dedicated readers since 2006.

Veg Blog
Read this blog if: You’re a killer, just like Ryan MacMichael. Yes, he kills vegetables. He’s also maintained Veg Blog as a resource for the newly veg for five years, and his expansive blog covers everything from politics to news to the triumphs and challenges of raising vegan kids. His straightforward writing style and consistently good content make this blog, in a word, totally killer.

Veg Talk
Read this blog if: You care about things that matter to vegans. Billy Amon keeps his writing simple and fills the void for the Everyman in the world of vegan blogging. Whether he’s taking his wife and cats across the border to Canada and finding vegan food along the way, or listing resources for hidden non-vegan ingredients, Amon definitely walks his talk.

Walking the Vegan Line
Read this blog if: You need to know that veganism can survive-and flourish-deep in the heart of Houston. Amanda Mariano blogs mostly about food, but also dabbles in activism and weaves in plenty of tips and tidbits from her personal life, which all combine to create a real sense of online vegan community.

We Like It Raw
Read this blog if: You need inspiration to shut off your oven. With more resources, interviews, book reviews, and random bits of raw-living information than anywhere else on the web, We Like It Raw makes the uncooked lifestyle accessible and interesting.

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