Winter Doesn’t Stand a Chance Thanks to These 5 Vegan Skin Products

When bundling up for the outdoors this season, don’t forget to protect your skin, too.

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The winter solstice heralds many things: colder days, shorter nights, and the beginning of dry-skin season. When the temperatures plummet and humidity drops, our body’s largest organ (our skin) is the first to feel it, and the results can be, well, not so pretty. To protect your dermis from winter’s dehydrating effects, make one of these nourishing, cruelty-free, vegan-approved skin oils part of your daily routine.

1. KINDri organic beauty oil
This light, fast-absorbing oil gets its moisture-giving properties from the prickly pear cactus, whose natural oils are loaded with essential fatty acids that parched skin really drinks up. KINDri founder Robin McDonald is one of Los Angeles’ most renowned facialists, and when clients such as Charlize Theron and Alfre Woodard are entrusting their skin to her, you know she’s got the goods. Pat this aromatic oil onto your face right after you shower to lock in moisture and keep it there all day long.

2. Bare Bones face oil
When she couldn’t find skincare products that weren’t tested on animals, didn’t irritate her skin, and didn’t cost a fortune, Monica Schrock decided to develop her own beauty brand, and now has a devoted following that loves her simple and effective formulations. Bare Bones Body’s Face oil is made with hempseed and jojoba, a dynamic duo that performs super-moisturizing feats to protect and nourish in even the driest of dry conditions. Massage a couple pumps of this non-greasy formula onto your skin, and the luminous glow will last for hours.

3. Old Orchard No.1 Beauty Oil
You can’t just call yourself “No.1 Beauty Oil” without something to back it up, and Old Orchard Apothecary really delivers on its bold claim. This winter-ready elixir is prepared with a unique melange of special oils such as meadowfoam, borage, and watermelon seed. Together, they seal in moisture and create a protective barrier against the ravages of extreme weather, making your skin feel more supple and smooth. A fresh blend of essential oils gives your mood a boost, too.

4. Inlight organic daily face oil
Inlight’s anti-aging formula is a beauty-product paradox: an oil that doesn’t make your skin oily. As if by magic, the moisturizing combination of cold-pressed evening primrose, jojoba, and rose seed oils absorbs quickly and feels like a comforting blanket on your skin without feeling the heavy. Hints of vanilla and lavender increase the luxurious quality of this organic formula, which works as a stand-alone moisturizer or as a serum applied before your moisturizer.

5. Lina Hanson Global Face Serum
Swedish-born Lina Hanson launched her career as a makeup artist, working with Hollywood luminaries such as Ellen DeGeneres and Natalie Portman, but her core belief is that with great skin, you don’t need a lot of enhancement to make your beauty shine. The raw ingredients for this luxurious serum—including baobab, argan, and marula oils—are sourced from women’s cooperatives in Africa, and offer skin-balancing, hydrating properties. Apply a few drops to your face each morning, and watch your skin transform from dull and dry to healthy and glowing.

VegNews beauty editor and facial oil fanatic Aurelia d’Andrea is already pining for spring.

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