You’re 8 Steps Away from Setting a Vegan Easter Table

This year, set your Easter table with cruelty-free plates, faux-grass runners, eggless-eggs, and compostable dessert plates.

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When one thinks of a traditional Easter scene, images of green fields dotted with colorful eggs and children frolicking with bunnies might be a typical scene. However, in today’s world, we have ethical choices to include in our Easter celebration and décor. For instance, rather than use “real” eggs for our children to hunt, we can select eggless-eggs and surround the day with cruelty-free and vegan design. With so many cruelty-free holiday options, you can say goodbye to silk tablecloths and wool totes and say hello to spring with a table setting that is free of animal exploitation. For inspiration, we’re highlighting eight ways to create the perfect socially-conscious Easter table.

1. Color
A good designer will often try to give their own spin on traditional holiday colors, but Easter colors are so beautiful and happy that there’s no need to stray. Furthermore, Easter colors are truly symbolic of spring: yellow represents renewal and hope, white symbolizes the brightness of day, purple is the color found in church sanctuaries during the Easter season, and pink is reminiscent of beauty, softness, and seasonal flowers. With this is mind, remember that setting a table is all about telling a story, and an Easter table is about life, renewal, and nature. The best way to begin your table is with a tablecloth such as this cotton one from Maison d’Hermine. Made from 100-percent cotton, this tablecloth is perfect for Easter thanks to depictions of softly painted flowers, grasses in a meadow, and butterflies.

2. Texture
All spaces, including table designs, must have texture, and the feel, thickness, and sensory experience of any space is the result of how much (or little) texture has been added. For the perfect amount of texture, incorporate this faux-grass runner atop an elegant tablecloth. The green grass is strong and vibrant against the softness of the meadow tablecloth, and it’s completely cruelty-free!

3. Whimsy
Easter is a holiday often associated with children and fun, so adding a whimsical aesthetic to the table for young people can help set the stage for lots of joy. Place these bunny plates in the center of the table as a way to start fun conversations. Plus, they are ceramic, which means no animal had to suffer for its fabrication.

4. Bling
As any designer will tell you, a little bling never hurt anyone. So, for Easter, consider adding these mirrored (vegan) eggs as a fabulous touch to place on top of the bunny dishes. These glam eggs will reflect all the beautiful colors and light on your Easter table, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

5. Theatrics
If you’re going to have bling (and you should) on your table, pair that bling with a splash of theatrics. Adding a dash of Alice in Wonderland-esque fantasy to the Easter table with these tea cups will contrast perfectly against the modern mirrored eggs and grass runner, and can’t you picture the family sipping tea, pinkies out, in these antique-inspired blue cups?

6. Practicality
Between the eggless-egg hunting, cooking, eating, drinking, and conversing, there’s a lot happening on Easter, which is why you’ll need some practicality during your day. Also, you know that children love to hunt for these eggless-eggs, but they might not be so good at storing them. To remedy this situation, place these eco-friendly canvas totes decorated with a cute bunny on a chair or doorknob.

7. Scent
Smell is the strongest sense in the human body, which is why adding a small token for each guest to take home as a memory of the Easter gathering is a beautiful touch. This ceramic diffuser is emerald green and the manufacturer, Umbali Spice, offers 100-percent cruelty-free and vegan skincare and household products, meaning your guests can remember their vegan Easter for weeks.

8. Compassion
Perhaps the most important takeaway from Easter is that of compassion for all living creatures and our planet. And, there’s no better way to remind your guests that we should treat Mother Nature as well as we treat ourselves and animals than non-toxic, 100-percent compostable dessert plates. These fabulous dishes are made from grass and tapioca starch and come in an array of colors. Our advice: for Easter, end your meal with the green and blue plates.

Deborah DiMare is the founder of a 100-percent vegan luxury interior design company DiMare Design and, a resource for shopping vegan furniture and learning about the emerging world of vegan interior design.

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