18 percent (nearly 1 in 5) of British residents between the ages of 18 and 24 believe that the future of food will be meat-free, according to a new survey conducted by research firm YouGov, on behalf of consulting company ThoughtWorks. The poll asked 2,000 adults about the factors that will determine their shopping habits through the year 2030. In addition to abstaining from meat, 48 percent of participants revealed that their priorities lie in reducing food waste, 32 percent were interested in supporting ethical companies, and 62 percent placed importance on reducing plastic packaging. “Over the next decade, food is set to become much more closely linked with convenience, health, and well-being. Global supply chain will change dramatically, and extreme weather around the world will result in scarcity of basic foods,” ThoughtWorks director of retail strategy Kevin Flynn said. “Food waste and use of needless packaging will also change the way people buy food, as the era of a decadent waste society will end.” Outside of Britain, younger populations are increasingly removing animal products from their diets in hopes of creating a more equitable food system, including in Canada, where a recent survey conducted by Dalhousie University in Halifax revealed that 40 percent of vegans and vegetarians are 35 years old and younger.

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