10 Must-See Veggie Movies

Here are our editors’ picks for 10 must-see veg and veg-friendly movies.

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Whether you’re looking for a compelling argument to go vegan or wanting to watch cute pigs tell their tale, we polled VegNews staffers for their 10 movie picks that will help you go veg (or keep you going strong).

Forks Over Knives
This recently released food documentary focuses on the groundbreaking research of T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., MD. With an eye to healthier living through healthier eating, Forks Over Knives follows Campbell and Esselstyn in their similar journeys to put the idea that food is thy best medicine to the test. This is a must-see for health-conscious vegans.

Super Size Me
Morgan Spurlock takes on a 30-day McDonald’s diet and documents the drastic physical and psychological effects. The in-depth exploration of the fast-food industry and the food it promotes is enough to turn you off from fast-food forever. Watching Spurlock gain weight, have increased mood swings, and discover that his liver has started to accumulate fat doesn’t hurt either.

Already been nicknamed “the vegan maker” for its compelling footage of puppy mills, slaughterhouses, sporting events, and more, Earthlings is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and features music by Moby. The documentary sheds light on all facets of animal suffering in the food, fashion, pet, entertainment, and medical industries.

Beloved by children and adults alike, Babe’s charismatic lead has made many go veg, including the film’s lead actor, James Cromwell. A cute pig raised by dogs, who then learns how to herd sheep through peaceful means? It’s not hard to fall in love.

Charlotte’s Web
Watch this in conjunction with Babe and your affection for pigs and other farm animals will seriously quadruple. Whether it’s your first time watching it or you still have an original VHS with wear and tear, get some tissues ready for the classic story of Charlotte’s Web. We’re partial to the 1973 cartoon edition, but the 2006 revamp with live actors and animals is also worthwhile.

May I Be Frank
An emotionally compelling story of a man who realizes his physique and health are preventing him from his life dreams, May I Be Frank is sure to inspire. Frank Ferrante, a depressed, addicted, and obese man, takes on a 42-day transformation with help from the employees of California’s vegan restaurant chain, Café Gratitude. Eating only raw food, practicing gratitude, and getting a weekly colonic, Ferrante experiences an amazing life overhaul. 

The Cove
This Academy Award-winning documentary follows activists, filmmakers, and freedivers in a covert journey to uncover the horrors of dolphin hunting. Set in the Japanese town of Taiji, The Cove exposes viewers to an industry’s negative ecological impacts, cruel practices, and political cover-up.

Year of the Dog
It’s not often that fictionalized vegans appear on the silver screen, so if you’re looking for a non-documentary to enjoy, this is your best bet. The story of a socially awkward woman who prematurely loses her dog, and throws herself into animal activism and goes vegan to cope, Year of the Dog is a dark comedy that will have you laughing with and at the characters.

The Fox and the Hound
This is a true Disney classic about two friends who are torn apart due to societal expectations. Yes, animals do suffer from what humans deem right and wrong. You’ll wish that hunting never existed and that cute dogs and foxes could be best friends forever after watching this movie.

Food, Inc.
The movie that got major buzz, had everyone and their parents packing cinema rows, and convinced a lot of omnivores to go vegetarian, features interviews with food experts such as Eric Schlosser of Fast Food Nation and author Michael Pollan. Food, Inc. reveals a wealth of information on the United States’ food industry and is perfect to watch with those considering the veg lifestyle.

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