On August 25, 10,000 people are expected to participate in the third annual Official Animal Rights March that will take place across central London. The event was founded by United Kingdom-based animal-rights organization Surge for the purpose of celebrating vegan victories and speaking out in solidarity against animal exploitation. “For too long, non-human persons have been seen [as] unworthy of consideration within society, treated as objects and property,” Surge co-founder Ed Winters said. “This march is an embodiment of society’s changing attitudes towards non-human animals, and is a precursor for a world that doesn’t just talk about equality and peace, but also lives by it.” The London event will feature vegan actress Evanna Lynch as its keynote speaker. Similar marches are scheduled to take place on the same day in 24 cities around the world. “Society must wake up and no longer treat life that does not resemble our own as inferior or less worthy,” Winters said. “The future is vegan, so the only question is, which side of history do you choose to stand on?”

Photo courtesy of Surge

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