Soy Whipped Cream

Top your next ice cream sundae or slice of apple pie with a swirl of this soy-based whipped cream.


While soymilk, vegan margarine, and even dairy-free cream cheese are ubiquitous at this point, finding a palatable plant-based whipped cream substitute hasn’t been a cakewalk (mmm, cake). While we’ve found some formidable contenders, the main issue has been a stifled ability to spray the whipped cream directly into our open mouths from an inverted aerosol can, the timeless gesture of true uninhibited decadence. Enter German brand Soyatoo! and its delightful Soy Whip in a revamped new can and improved formula, ready to be fluffed atop a valiant banana split or shamelessly mainlined into your face. It tastes just like the real thing, minus the animal products, and is also available as Rice Whip for those who are soy-free. 

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