There aren’t many desserts or sweet drinks that aren’t improved with a dollop of whipped cream. From pancakes to brownies to thick shakes and hot mochas, whipped cream takes any indulgence to a whole new level. And it’s been that way for centuries, it turns out. The use of whipped cream, which, fun fact, was often referred to as “milk snow,” can be traced all the way back to 16th century Europe. Back then, it was often made with dairy and egg whites and cooks even whipped it with tree branches.

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Of course, modern recipes call for a whisk instead of a branch (less fun, but much more hygienic), but many don’t even require dairy ingredients anymore. If you’re craving a whipped cream-heavy dessert, or maybe a super indulgent chocolate shake, we’re right there with you. To help us all out, here, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite vegan whipped and whipping cream brands, and we’ve got delicious recipe inspiration, too.

What is vegan whipped cream?

Vegan whipped cream is just like traditional whipped cream, but it’s made without any animal products. Instead, it can be made with plant-based ingredients, like coconut cream, soy milk, blended cashews, or aquafaba (aka, the liquid from a tin of legumes, usually chickpeas).

Where to buy vegan whipped cream: 9 brands to try

You can find tips on how to make vegan whipped cream from scratch in the recipes below, but if you don’t feel like making your own, you can also buy vegan whipped (or whipping) cream from your local grocery store or from Amazon.

Whipt Oat Cream and Desserts Whipt

1 Whipt

Back in the 1950s, Alamance Foods helped launch aerosol whipped cream in the US market, and last year, it expanded on that legacy by launching Whipt, a new line of vegan whipped creams. Whether you prefer coconut, oat, or almond, the dairy-free brand has a vegan whipped cream for you. Find it at select grocery stores, including some Smart & Final and Woodman’s Market locations.
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Reddi Wip Coconut Whipped Cream

2 Reddi-Wip

Another original whipped cream brand, Reddi-Wip first hit the market in the late 1940s, and in 2018, the iconic company (owned by ConAgra) launched vegan whipped creams for the first time. Now, it offers two non-dairy products, one made from coconut and one made from almonds.
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Califia Farms Heavy Whip

3 Califia Farms

You can always count on Califia Farms to come up with the goods when it comes to delicious dairy-free products, and its Heavy Whip is no exception. The whipping cream can be whisked up into delicious vegan whipped cream, or blended into soups or sauces, depending on your preference.
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Oat Based Whipped Cream

4 Whole Foods 

Whole Foods has really been upping its vegan game in recent years, and we’re thrilled to say that it offers oat-based whipped topping (aka, vegan whipped cream) in its plant-based line-up. Arguably, it’s even better than the dairy version.
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Silk Heavy Whipping CreamSilk

5 Silk

Silk is another reliable dairy-free brand with plenty of delicious vegan products, including Heavy Whipping Cream Alternative. It’ll whip up just like dairy-based whipped cream. If you’re used to animal-based products, we’re betting you won’t even be able to tell the difference.
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Heavy Whipping Cream Trader Joe'sTrader Joe’s

6 Trader Joe’s

Next time you’re in Trader Joe’s, stock up on this Vegan Heavy Whipping Cream Alternative. According to the popular grocery store, it “employs a carefully balanced mix of vegetable-based oils, starches, and proteins to provide just the right consistency and rich, creamy flavor.” The chain boasts that it can be used as “a direct, one-to-one replacement for dairy-based whipping cream.”
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Sprouts Oatmilk Whipped Topping

7 Sprouts

If you don’t like the taste of coconut, there are many decent oat milk whipped cream options out there, and one of them is at Sprouts! Made with organic ingredients, Sprouts Oatmilk Whipped Topping is another good vegan whipped cream choice to pop into your cart next time you’re grocery shopping.
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Truwhip Vegan Whipped Cream with DessertTruwhip

8 Truwhip

Alongside its Original, Skinny, and Keto cream options, Truwhip also offers a tasty vegan whipped topping. According to the brand, it’s GMO-free and made with zero high-fructose corn syrup.
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So Delicious Cocowhip

9 So Delicious

For some, nothing beats a delicious dairy-free cream made with coconut cream. If that’s you, So Delicious’ fluffy Cocowhip—which can be enjoyed frozen or refrigerated— is a great choice for topping desserts, shakes, mochas, and so much more.
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How to make and use vegan whipped cream: 8 vegan recipes to try

There are so many ways to enjoy vegan whipped cream. You can eat it straight from the tub or can (this is a judgment-free zone), bake it into desserts, or dollop it on top of your Sunday brunch. To help you with tasty vegan whipped cream inspiration, we’ve included a few of our favorite recipes below. And if you’re interested in making whipped cream from scratch, many of them will teach you how to do that, too (or you can just swap in one of the store-bought options above—you do you!).


1Vegan Strawberry Basil Shortcakes With Cashew Whipped Cream

Fresh strawberries, basil, and homemade shortcakes are the ultimate springtime dessert, especially when topped with delicious, homemade cashew whipped cream. The latter is easy to make—it’s just blended (pre-soaked) cashews, apple juice, sugar, vanilla extract, and salt.
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2 Vegan Sweet Crêpe Cake With Grand Marnier-Infused Whipped Cream

Crêpes are delicious, but crêpe cake? That’s next level. Layers of sticky-sweet apricot jam, juicy fruit, and fluffy coconut whipped cream—made with full-fat coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a little liquor—make this dessert a true crowd-pleaser. 
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VegNews.ChocolateEclairVanessa K. Rees

3 Vegan Chocolate Eclairs With Coconut Whipped Cream

An eclair isn’t an eclair without whipped cream. Stuff this delicious vegan version of the pastry—made with flax egg whites and vanilla bean custard—with one of the store-bought options above, or make your own using the same combination as the crêpe cake (full-fat coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a little Grand Manier).
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4 Vegan Chocolate Pretzel Pie

Instead of coconut milk, the whipped cream in this decadent chocolate pretzel pie is made with refined coconut oil. It’s combined with soy milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract to make a deliciously indulgent topping for an equally deliciously indulgent pie.
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Screenshot 2022-11-16 094032Chef Bai

5 Vegan French Silk Chocolate Pie

In this delectable French silk chocolate pie recipe, the whipped cream is made with a mixture of coconut cream, aquafaba, lemon juice, vanilla extract, and maple syrup. The texture is out of this world—you’ll want to keep this dessert in your rotation, no question.
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VegNews.HolidayProfiterolesGaz Oakley

6 Vegan Boozy Profiteroles

Profiteroles are the ultimate indulgence. These ones from YouTuber Gaz Oakley are filled with boozy cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce, and honestly, they’re hard to beat.
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VegNews.ThaiTeaCakeHannah Kaminsky

7 Vegan Thai Tea Sheet Cake With Whipped Coconut Cream

From The Everyday Vegan Cheat Sheet cookbook comes this super tasty Thai Tea Sheet Cake, which is coated with a fluffy topping of whipped coconut cream. The latter is simply a whipped can of coconut milk, but you can swap in any type of whipped cream you like, store-bought or otherwise.
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VegNews.RichTahiniMilkshakeSo Vegan

8 Rich Vegan Tahini Coffee Shake With Dark Chocolate

With rich chocolate, espresso, and tahini, this shake from the So Vegan in 5 cookbook is delicious, decadent, and indulgent. Arguably, nothing tops off a vegan milkshake like a generous, and we do mean generous topping of vegan whipped cream.
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