13 Instagram Accounts We Can’t Get Enough Of

These awesome Instagram accounts feature some of our favorite things, including doughnuts and puppies.


San Francisco isn’t just home to the VNHQ––it’s also where the photo-sharing online hub Instagram was started in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, forever changing the way we post photos. (Thank you, Amaro filter for making our spaghetti look extra appetizing!) Now, we can spend hours obsessing over photos of food, beach escapes, and baby animals all in one scroll. And because we’re not good at keeping things to ourselves, here are 13 Instagram accounts that have us smitten.

What to expect:
 Golden images of Tasuku, the cutest little boy, and his equally adorable best friend
Why we love it: Tasuku likes to watch TV with his arm around his best friend Muu, and often falls asleep right on top of him; luckily, Muu doesn’t mind sharing his doggy bed––and even luckier for us, Tasuku’s parents capture every moment on their Instagram. 

What to expect:
Scintillating urban pics and cute dog photos
Why we love it: Everything at the end of photographer Ana Barros’ camera lens is alluringly textured or covered in pristine snow, and when it’s not, it’s her French bulldog.

What to expect:
The president doing presidential things
Why we love it: President Obama’s Instagram is filled with snapshots of big people doing big things, and he has a nice smile. Oh, we’re also waiting on the photo of a sweater-clad Bo.

What to expect:
Cinnamon rolls galore
Why we love it: Berkeley, CA’s Cinnaholic bakes artisan vegan cinnamon rolls like nobody’s business (but theirs). The topping selections are as unique as they are tasty. We’ve been following their Instagram account for a while now and have yet to see a repeat featured flavor––bravo!

What to expect:
Behind-the-scenes photographs of Brooklyn’s diabolically delicious doughnut laboratory
Why we love it: Not only did vegan bakers Christopher Hollowell and Dan Dunbar of Dun-Well Doughnuts win Best Doughnuts according to New York Daily News, but their mouthwatering photos include everything from cherry blossom flower doughnuts to half-and-half peanut butter-blueberry gems.

What to expect:
Cat pictures, a feast of food photos, and a sneak peek into the life of the Post Punk Kitchen genius
Why we love it: Vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz features just the right mix of decadent food, cute kitties, and cool sights such as cloud-dusted skylines and neat architecture from all over.

What to expect:
Awesome city shots and delightful food photos
Why we love it: Some people have all the fun, and VN photographer Kate Lewis sure looks like she is with all the beautiful photos on her Instagram feed. Photos of delicious food and fast-paced New York City life taunt us all the way from the other coast.

What to expect:
Breathtaking landscapes and interesting glimpses into other cultures
Why we love it: Even though we love our VNHQ here in the City by the Bay, it’s nice to escape to far-off places through National Geographic’s Instagram feed. It keeps us up-to-date on what’s going on outside our window and beyond.

What to expect:
People, places, and things sculpted from crushed up Oreos
Why we love it: Everything is made out of Oreos, delicious, delicious Oreos. What else do you need?

What to expect:
Funny posts, cute kids and animals, and lots of famous folks
Why we love it: Television’s Ellen DeGeneres is as compassionate as she is funny, with an Instagram feed filled-to-the-brim with quotes on kindness, celebrities, and cute animals, with punchy jokes mixed in for good measure.

What to expect:
Beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes in beautiful cities
Why we love it: Vegan designer and superwoman Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart is always dressed to the nines––not to mention, she and everyone she hangs out with is incredibly good looking.

What to expect:
Bite-size desserts crafted with love and totally free of any animal products
Why we love it: The whoppie pie at Bethlehem, PA bakery Vegan Treats is the stuff dreams are made of. And who doesn’t love waking up to a screen full of chocolate goodies and three-tier cakes?

What to expect:
Bright and colorful drool-worthy food photos
Why we love it: We adore VN photographer Vanessa Rees’ photos, so naturally we love her Instagram account with its fun, cheery behind-the-scenes look at food photoshoots.

Have we lost you to one of the 13 lovely Instagram accounts? We don’t mind sharing, as long as you promise to follow us @VegNews. And don’t forget to tell us your favorite Instagram feeds in the comments!


Photo: Kate Lewis

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