Internet Goes Wild for World Vegan Day

Internet Goes Wild for World Vegan Day

On Sunday, various sites, news sources, and media outlets covered all-things vegan for World Vegan Day.


The internet was abuzz Sunday as World Vegan Day allowed numerous websites to publish stories related to all-things veg. News outlet MSN posted a list of vegan celebrities alongside vegan facts regarding health and well-being, while Austin, TX news source discussed the mainstream appeal of vegan foods, stating that Los Angeles-based Lenny and Larry’s cookies are so popular that stores have trouble keeping them in stock. In addition, Metro UK listed 10 reasons why people should date vegans—citing that vegans live longer, are more passionate, and open-minded—complete with entertaining GIFs, as entrepreneurial media outlet rounded-up innovative vegan companies such as milk-free product Muufri, meat alternative Beyond Meat, and new vegan cheese company Real Vegan Cheese to support the prediction that we will all be vegan soon. World Vegan Day—started in 1994 by the Vegan Society—takes place every November 1. Such coverage proves veganism is a growing topic in mainstream media and not merely a fad diet.

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