<i>Cosmopolitan</i> Gives Vegan Dating Advice

Cosmopolitan Gives Vegan Dating Advice

The lifestyle magazine says, “Dating vegans rules!”


Lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan recently published a feature written by Vegansaurus co-founder Laura Beck on the topic of vegan dating. Beck advises readers that vegans love open-minded conversationalists, dates at vegan restaurants, vegan potlucks, and eating in general—just not “things that were once alive or the secretions of another creature.” What to avoid when courting a vegan? Beck says to stay away from statements such as “you don’t look vegan,” and “do you miss this?” in reference to meat. According to Beck, the benefits of dating a vegan include excellent home cooking, pacifist dispositions, and a loving nature. Over the years, Cosmopolitan has served as a resource for identifying lifestyle trends, and this feature is evidence that vegan dating is on the publication’s radar.

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