Beyoncé Reveals Her Veganism on Good Morning America

The star praises the health benefits of a vegan diet on national television.


Beyoncé spoke out about her veganism on camera for the first time this morning, exclusively on ABC’s Good Morning America. The segment was hyped with a promo video promising a big announcement where the singer says, “This is something I have to share with everyone.” Then, during the show, she made her big reveal: she is now vegan. Saying that “I felt like my skin was really firm” and that she “got the weight off fast, and the weight stayed off,” the segment praised the health benefits of veganism and suggested that people shop the produce section rather than buying processed vegan foods. The anchors then tried some healthy vegan options like avocado toast and raspberry chia seed pudding, and the star discussed her experience with 22 Days Nutrition—the vegan company she now co-owns with celebrity trainer and entrepreneur, Marco Borges.

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