First-Ever Vegetarian Bunny Café to Open in Australia

The continent’s first bunny café is opening in Melbourne.


Rabbit fans rejoice: Australia’s first bunny café is opening in Melbourne to bring “bunnies and people together over coffee.” The Bunny Café will offer vegan and vegetarian fare as well as a “unique layout that allows you to be up-close and personal with all the bunny residents.” This “unique layout” means bunny-themed décor, cups, and even food. All of the rabbits are fostered from the city’s first and only no-kill rabbit shelter, Rabbit Run Away Orphanage. “When you visit the bunny café, you will be able to observe the bunnies without disturbing them, and also learn about their care knowing that your patronage will be supporting and helping dumped, abandoned, and neglected pet rabbits,” says orphanage spokesperson, Judi Inglis. The Bunny Café received 1,600 Facebook likes in just five days of launching its page and have announced an IndieGoGo campaign to pay for their interior plans. This month, North America’s first vegan cat café will open up in Montreal.

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