Kale Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Kale in cookies sounds absurd until you try one of these delicious treats.


We know what you’re thinking: “Kale? In a cookie? That can’t be good.” And you’d be right. The Kale Factory’s oatmeal raisin cookie isn’t good—it’s great! This treat somehow succeeds in pairing the supergreen with the sweet, chewiness of a traditional oatmeal raisin cookie. The generous sprinkling of kale provides a pleasant contrast and earthy undertones to the tart pop of the raisins, creating a taste that confidently blends savory and sweet. Sure, we approached this cookie with caution but were more than surprised by its satisfying flavor and chew. While we don’t condone sticking kale where it doesn’t belong, the recipe makers at The Kale Factory have us thinking: what else can we put kale in?

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