UFC Heavyweight Goes Vegan

Mark Hunt decides to go vegan after watching animal cruelty video.


Last week, well-known UFC heavyweight fighter Mark Hunt announced on Facebook that he is “going vegan” after watching the latest undercover pig farm cruelty video produced by Last Chance for Animals (LCA). His Facebook status update also said, “I hate this” in regards to the video, which depicts mutilated pigs being left to die in a downed pig pen, infections rupturing, and piglets trying to nurse around a dead sow. Hunt’s Facebook post instantly filled with comments in support of the athlete’s decision to go vegan, including encouraging references to other vegan athletes such as professional NFL player David Carter, strongman Patrik Baboumian, and former UFC fighter Mac Danzig. As for LCA’s video, the organization filed a criminal complaint with the Rock County Sheriff’s office in Minnesota requesting that Christensen Farms (a pork supplier of Walmart) be investigated on 18 incidents of animals cruelty.

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